“Cotton & Cane” by Olden Yolk

3min 41sec // 2019 // 16mm

Official Video

Directed by Caity Shaffer, Shane Butler, and Loroto Productions
Director of Photography: P. Nick Curran
Edited by Shane Butler w/ assistance from P. Nick Curran
Color by P. Nick Curran
Drawings by Shane Butler
Additional assistance from Coco Segaller & Frank Maston

"Jesse" by Frankie Cosmos

2min 48sec // 2018 // Digital

Official Video

Directed by Loroto & Frankie Cosmos
Edited by P. Nick Curran


"Not For Me" by Forth Wanderers

4min 24sec // 2018 // Digital

Directed by Loroto

Director of Photography, Addison Post
Editor, P. Nick Curran
Production Designer, Britni West
Colorist, Seth Applebaum


"JZOK" by Mass Gothic

3min 45sec // 2018 // Digital

Official Video

Directed by Addison Post

Edited by Nira Burstein